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About the Show:


Following the unprecedented success of "Time Unwinding" & "Magic & Intrigue" I'm happy to announce the next performance in our monthly magic series at Diehl Marcus & Company in partnership with Fortissimo Magic Studios. The previous two shows exceeded all expectations in terms of both attendance and reception and that's all thanks to YOU, our wonderful & supportive audiences! It is with that in mind that I present to you "Ikigai: An Elegant Evening of Magic Celebrating the Myths & Legends of Japan." 

In keeping with DM & Co.'s February theme of Japan, the show lends its title from the Japanese philosophy of "Ikigai," or "Reason for Being." Throughout the evening I will be sharing with you some of Japan's most famous myths, legends, folklore, symbolism & possibly conjure a spirit or two. All told through the art of magic. 

Each of these events have sold-out so don't hesitate! Complimentary refreshments will be available following the performance.

Link for Tickets:


Here's what people are saying:

“The best "magic" show I’ve ever seen. I say "magic" in quotes because what you do is not like magic in its familiar or commercial form, like Copperfield and that ilk. You are truly gifted with 2nd sight and to see how you have channeled and crafted that into the wonderfully witty, engaging, surprising, intriguing and endearing performance that you gave tonight is really a wonderful thing to behold.

Keep at it! I will happily come see your show anytime I am able and bring as many people as I can. And the setting was superb. Bravo!” -Sara W. 

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